Frequent Asked Questions

How and when can I buy tickets?

Box Office Timetable

Monday to Friday from 10am to 19pm
Saturdays from 10am to 2pm (the day's performance will be open until it starts)
Sundays and festives: closed (the day's performance will be open from 2 hours before the perfomance starts, 1 hour for El Petit Liceu) 

By phone at 902 78 73 97 (Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm.)

Other sales outlets

Up to 1½ hours before the performance before the performance:




How can I print my tickets?

You can print out tickets at home from Your Account on the website or download them to your mobile phone or Passbook.

May there be variations in the number of tickets available?

The number of tickets available can vary because when subscribers exchange their tickets, their seats are left vacant.

Tickets for groups

The Liceu Opera Barcelona offers special terms for groups. For more information:

Ticket Service

Can tickets be returned?

Tickets can be neither exchanged nor refunded. The cost of tickets will be returned only if the show is cancelled.

Give an evening at the Liceu

The Liceu offers everyone a range of gift products to enable people to discover and enjoy the thrill of opera.
Gift cheque from 20 €

Available online, from the box office and through authorized outlets.

How do I get to the Liceu?

By bus numbers V13 and 59

By Metro Line 3 (Liceu station). Trains run: Monday to Thursday, Sunday and holidays, until 12 midnight. Friday and the eve of a public holiday: until 2 am. Saturday: round-the-clock.

Bicing: Station 55 – La Rambla, 80

Nearest car parks

Plaça de la Gardunya s/n. Discounts for members of the Liceu audience.
SABA Plaça de Catalunya s/n
SABA Av. De la Catedral s/n
La Rambla, 31
La Rambla, 26
Hospital, 25

Getting ready for the opera

The Liceu offers a briefing session in the Foyer before the start of each dramatized opera performance. It begins 45 minutes before the show and attendance is free for all members of the audience. In Catalan.

Members of the audience can obtain a cast sheet (free of charge) and a printed programme.

Detailed information can also be found in Cast and Creators on the web site.

Is formal dress required?

There are no rules about style of dress.

How far in advance should I arrive?

The audience can enter the opera house 1 hour before the start of the show to enable them to attend the briefing session held in the Foyer before each dramatized opera performance and make use of other services. The briefing session starts 45 minutes before curtain-up.

If I arrive late, will I be allowed in?

Once the performance has begun, entry to the auditorium (including boxes and anterooms) is not permitted. However, there is a room where you can watch the performance on a screen until the interval and then you can take your seat. 

Anyone who leaves the auditorium while the performance is underway must remain outside until the interval, or until authorized to enter by the artistic director's department.


Audiodescription service for blind and visually impaired persons.

Every season the Liceu offers a limited number of seats equipped with an audiodescription (plot narration) system for those with sight impairment.

For information and tickets, apply to associations for the blind (ONCE or Associació de Discapacitats Visuals de Catalunya).

Audio loop
The Liceu is equipped with a sound-amplification system for persons with hearing aids or cochlear implants. The system is always in operation but it should be noted that not all seats have 100% coverage.

Apropa Cultura
Apropa Cultura es un programa de inclusión social que favorece la asistencia y participación en la programación de los principales equipamientos culturales de Cataluña para fortalecer las experiencias vitales de los colectivos más vulnerables y hacer realidad el derecho a la cultura para todos . El Gran Teatre del Liceu forma parte permitiendo a las entidades y asociaciones usuarias de disfrutar de una selección de óperas, danza, conciertos y recitales, los espectáculos familiares y escolares del Petit Liceu. Además, la propuesta del Liceu en Apropa Cultura incluye la asistencia a determinados ensayos generales, visitas guiadas y actividades como L'Òpera una emoció y Entra dins del Liceu. Más información.


Surtitles are provided at all operas to help the audience to follow the plot. Titles adapted from the libretto appear in Catalan on the screen above the stage.

Titles in Catalan, Spanish and English are also provided on the small screens on the back of each seat.

In zones without visibility, or with limited visibility, the show can be watched live on monitors. The front rows of the upper tiers are not equipped with individual screens.

This service is offered by the Liceu free of charge. It does not affect the price of tickets. If it fails to operate correctly or is interrupted, no claim can be made.

Medical service

A medical service is at the audience's disposal at all performances.

Catering service during performances

Cafeteria service
On performance days, from one hour before the curtain goes up to the end of the last interval, in the Mirror Room and the Foyer, and on the 4th floor.

Dinner during the interval
In the Foyer (advance booking required).

Meal delivery to box anterooms
Advance booking required to Singularis: liceucatering@singulariscatering.com or by phone (+34) 659 01 20 77.

Policy regarding minors

Children below 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

At opera performances, symphony concerts and recitals, only children over 5 are admitted to the auditorium.

At other performances (ballets, Christmas concert, etc.), children aged 3 and over will be admitted, provided the show starts no later than 7 pm.

Free tickets to Petit Liceu performances can be obtained for children aged 2 or under provided they do not occupy a seat. They cannot sit in the front rows of the upper tiers for safety reasons.
Tickets must be purchased for children aged 3 or more.

At events not organized by the Liceu, the policy regarding minors will be determined by the promoter.

It is advisable for minors to sit in boxes or in seats by the side aisles of the stalls so that they can leave the auditorium easily.

It is also advisable for minors not to sit in the upper tiers, especially the front rows.

Types of subscription

Regular Seat Subscriptions
These are the traditional Liceu subscriptions. Holders occupy the same seat at all performances. They choose a series of shows. Each series is associated with a particular day of the week and includes between 4 and 11 performances. There are three types: Full Season Subscriptions (11 performances), Partial Subscriptions (7 performances) and Budget Subscriptions (5 performances).

Flexible Subscriptions
These are "made to measure" subscriptions. Holders choose their titles and the zone where they want to sit for each.  There are two formats: Flexible Season Subscriptions (9 or more performances) or Flexible Partial Subscriptions (5-8 performances).

“Initiation to Opera” Budget Subscriptions
These are made up of shows specially selected as an introduction to opera. The number of shows included each year may vary from 3 to 5.

Subscription prices
The retail price of subscriptions is calculated by applying a discount to the total price of the tickets included. The discount varies according to the type of subscription.

Full Season: 4% discount
Partial: 2% discount
Budget: 15% discount

Subscription prices for each series can be found in the tables.

In addition, loyalty discounts are applied to these prices according to length of tenure.

Flexible subscriptions
Two discount rates, depending on the formula chosen:

Flexible Partial Subscriptions: 8% discount
Flexible Season Subscriptions: 12% discount

How can I take out a subscription?

You can take out a subscription online or by phoning 902787397

How can I renew my subscription?

Regular Seat Subscriptions are renewed automatically but a 10% deposit is required before the renewal can be formalized. Subscriptions are initially renewed for the same seat as previously but a change of seat may be requested during the period set aside for changes.

The Liceu, for organizational reasons, cannot guarantee renewal of the previous seat. If this proves impossible, another similar seat will be offered.

Flexible Subscriptions are not automatically renewed. New performances and seats must be chosen each season.

What can I do if I can't attend a performance?

Performances included in a subscription can be exchanged for a different performance of the same title. If a more expensive seat is chosen, the subscriber must pay the difference.

The first such change is free of charge for Regular Seat Subscribers. However, there will be a charge of 5 € for any subsequent change affecting the same title, and for changes to performances included in Flexible Subscriptions.

Subscribers can also dispose of unoccupied seats and recover part of the cost through the Vacant Seat Service. This applies only to subscriptions paid by direct debit.

How can I change to a different date?

Changes can be made online through Your Account or at the box office up to 24 hours before the show.

Changes to Flexible Subscriptions must be made at the box office.

How can I sell a subscription ticket?

You can offer your ticket for sale through Your Account on the web site or at the box office any time until 24 hours before your particular show begins.

If your ticket is not sold, you can recover it up to 1 hour before the start of the performance.

If a seat left vacant by a subscriber is sold, the Liceu will refund 50% of the ticket price, minus VAT and a handling charge.

I've lost my subscription card and have to attend a performance. What can I do?

You can print out your ticket by entering Your Account or go to the box office with your identity card or passport and ask them to print the ticket to your next performance (charge: 1 € per ticket).

If you think you will not find your card again, you must ask for a duplicate. This can be done online or at the box office. The charge for issuing a new card is 10 €.

Benefits enjoyed by subscribers


  • 20%, 25% or 35% off regular seat subscriptions (depending on the series chosen) and 10% off flexible subscriptions.
  • 20% off extra, non-subscription tickets (Except “Turandot” on 7 October 2019) bought any time during the season. No handling charge on extra tickets purchased during the priority sales period from 3 to 16 June.
  • 10% off meals served in the Foyer during the interval (Assortiment Duo and Exprés menus).
  • 25% off full guided tours and 15% off short tours.
  • 10% off the rental of Liceu venues for private functions.
  • Discounts at various car parks near the Liceu.


  • Vacant Seat Service. This new Liceu service enables subscribers who are unable to use tickets to offer them for sale at whatever price they decide (provided it does not exceed the maximum subscription price). This service is available up to 24 hours before the performance. If the vacant seat is sold, the Liceu will refund 50% of the price, minus VAT and a handling charge. If the seat is not sold, the subscriber can recover it up to 1 hour before the start of the performance. Available from 17 June onwards.
  • Change of performance. All subscribers can opt for a different performance date from the one assigned to the subscription. Moreover, holders of subscriptions comprising 12 or 9 performances can change two of the titles included (only one change of title in the case of 6-performance subscriptions). Available from 17 June onwards.
  • Payment in 4 instalments at no extra cost (due dates: 15/06, 01/09, 01/11 and 01/01)

Preferential attention

  • First chance to purchase extra tickets to the season's performances. Available from 3 June during the priority sales period.
  • First chance to purchase tickets to shows that are not part of the Liceu season, both at the Liceu itself and at other venues.
  • Personalized attention on the Audience and Subscriber Help Line.

Other benefits

  • A free copy of the Liceu's season programme each year.
  • A free copy of the monthly La veu del Liceu with full information about shows.
  • Special promotions and package offers.
  • Exclusive draws.
  • Invitations to gatherings.

Special benefits for Liceu Club subscribers (with over 20 years tenure)

  • Free programmes to all opera and dance performances in the subscription.
  • Admission to functions not open to the general public, as a token of gratitude for their loyalty.