Salt al buit

At a crossroads, where two paths separate, we have to take a decision. Whether or not we have time for thought, the outcome and consequences will always be uncertain. Like Hercules faced with the choice between pleasure and virtue, we need a drop of courage to take a step which will change the whole state of affairs. It forces us to take a stance.  

Only time will show whether the choice was the right one. We certainly won't let anyone warn us of the fatal outcomes that lie in store but we'll accept the fact that advancing along the path in itself implies personal growth. 

This season members of the audience will no longer be mere spectators but will play a leading part in the artistic processes. Thus the function of the opera house will no longer be to prescribe but to link experiences together and act as a cultural mediator for society. And it is precisely this change in relationships that will generate a new intensity, a veritable leap into the void. Nothing will ever be the same again. So how about taking the path together? 

Víctor Garcia de Gomar 
Artistic Director of the Gran Teatre del Liceu